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Take Control of Your Life

Take control of your life. If you do not want that bully to continue bullying you, take control of your life. Stand up for what's right stand up for your life. Anti-Bullying Inspirational Video.

Take Control of Your Life


images-4Take Control of Your Life.

Take control of your life and don’t let that bully bully you. Take control of your life, stand up, and speak out to defend your life. Your life matters. You are worthy. Don’t have doubt. Don’t live in fear. Take control of your life today, because you are worth it. Build up the power and strength inside of you and defend your life today, tomorrow, and in your future. Take back what the bully is trying to take from you – your life. You know you deserve to live your own life. You know you can. Believe in your inner self. Believe you have the power and the strength. Take control of your life.


To be inspired, watch the video below.


Take Control of Your Life (Video):



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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 


Colleen Burns


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